Dress Code


Acceptable Attire in Maury County Schools:

A) Pants,shorts, capri pants, skirts, skorts, jeans, or jumpers in the colors of navy blue, black or any
shade of khaki

B) Shirts with short or long sleeves and a collar (polo, dress-style with buttons, or turtle neck), in solid colors.

C) All shirts should be properly buttoned and tucked inside pants, shorts,skorts or skirts.

D) No clothing shall be modified.


Click here to see the Maury County Dress Code Policy in its entirety. 

Maury County Schools recognize the effect which student dress and grooming has upon student behavior and commitment to learning.  We further recognize the role of parents in assisting their children in making appropriate choices regarding clothing, accessories, and personal appearances.  In order to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and to prepare students for working environments, Maury County Schools require that all students, grades K-12, exercise good taste with regard to their personal appearance.  Attire considered disruptive or risky to health or safety is not appropriate.