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Car Rider Procedures for 2019-2020

For the safety of all of our students, faculty, staff, parents, and for an easy flow, the following procedures will be in place for drop off in the morning.

1.) Entrance to Whitthorne begins at the stoplight on Hampshire Pk.

2.) Proceed to driveway that passes in front of gym. Continue all the way down to the END of the covered walkway before dropping off students.

3.) After dropping off students continue forward and loop all the way around the parking lot circle and either exit to the right or go left to return to the stoplight.

If you need to PARK, please drive the entire loop of the parking lot to enter an aisle/parking spot. Please do not cut through the aisles to enter or exit the parking lot. This creates a safety hazard for others.

As we transition to this procedure, please keep the safety of all students, parents, faculty, and staff in mind.

Thank you!

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